Nanesa - Nanomaterials, conductive pastes and Hexagonal allotropic compounds

Nanesa Research and Development

The employment of nanotechnologies to create high performance products, as well as the company sensibility to the use and manipulation of the same technologies are some of the key points of the corporate development.

For this reason, Nanesa has started up collaborations with important Research Bodies in the national territory aimed at developing new technological applications of graphene-based materials and also at having a steady support in terms of characterization of new materials.

Nanesa cooperates with the spin-off of CNR, Punto Quantico S.r.l., and with various Research Groups of CNR itself, which are interested in the employment of graphene especially in biotechnologies, optoelectronics, in advanced and composite materials.

Furthermore, Nanesa supports Research bodies for basic research activities and also for the finalizing of new materials for specific applications.

In addition to CNR, some of the most fruitful collaborations have been started up with:

- Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Impresa - Università di Tor Vergata di Roma e CIRTIBS - Napoli

1. Study of graphene-based nanometric coating systems on metallic manufactured articles in order to improve their properties of thermal exchange. Potential applications include fields such as electronics, heat exchangers, high-performance materials for aerospace and aeronautical sectors.

2. Study of graphene-based nanocoatings and compounds for the improvement of features of electric conductivity. Potential applications include battery and tyre sectors.

- CRdC Tecnologie Scarl - Napoli and Dipartimento di Ingegneria Chimica, dei Materiali e della Produzione – Università Federico II di Napoli:

Study of graphene-based nanocomposite materials to increase gas barrier properties. Possible applications include high performance food packaging.

- Dipartimento per le Tecnologie ed i Processi di Innovazione - Università Telematica Marconi

Study of graphene-based composite materials to lighten structural elements.

- Dipartimento di Biochimica – Università di Salerno

Crystallographic characterization of experimental materials and modifications of the same ones.

In addition, Nanesa is particularly interested in the development of innovative conductive products (silver-based or mixed with graphene charges).

The ranges of Research in this sense are mostly carried out in the home laboratory also thanks to the staff support and the research equipment provided by the associate Cabro S.p.A., which has considerable experience in the reference field.

Nanesa Research and Development

At its disposal Nanesa has a highly equipped lab for the characterization and the quality control of the products and of the experimental tests carried out.

Furthermore, Nanesa makes use of the nanotechnology lab and the competences of the associate Cabro S.p.A, as well as of CNR labs (spin-off Punto Quantico and nanomaterials lab of Istituto Materiali Compositi e Biomateriali ).