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Nanesa Graphene Oxide is a stratified material produced thanks to a particular oxidation process of graphite.

Unlike graphite, Graphene Oxide, produced through a particular oxidation process, is a highly oxygenated material, where most of the oxydrilic and epoxidic groups are on the basal layers, while carbonyl and carboxylic groups lie along the borders of the layers. The presence of these functional groups makes Graphene Oxide highly hydrophilic, thus easily dispersible in water. Graphene Oxide is a bad conductor but heath treatment (thermal reduction), or treatment with reducing agents (chemical reduction), reactivates most of the electric and thermal properties of the original graphite.

Graphene Oxide is, in effect, a parent compound of Graphene, and in its reduced form it presents very similar characteristics to those (ideal ones) of Graphene.

For a thorough examination of this subject, ask for our Technical Data Sheet (TDS) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).