Nanesa - Nanomaterials, conductive pastes and Hexagonal allotropic compounds


Nanesa associates have been working on this project on graphene for 4 years. From a lab production of few grams a day, they managed to achieve a scalable production system, fully designed and implemented, which is now able to produce up to 3 tons nanometric materials a year.

The production system is designed for an intermediate step of experimentation of nanometric materials in different application sectors, in order to make tailor-made products according to the requests of industrial partners.

Nanesa has developed two classes of materials, called G2Nan (Nanesa Graphene Nanoplatelets) and GONan (Nanesa Graphene Oxide). These products are now object of detailed experimentations in cooperation with prestigious University Research Centres as well as companies belonging to different application fields.

Nanesa produces graphene-based nanomaterials of different types for a variety of applications.

Together with the final client we study the most suitable nanoparticles and their features in connection with the manufacture technologies employed and the specific ultimate characteristics of the products containing them.

We work in synergy with polymer transformers (filming, printing, blending) to overcome the problems of nano-charge dispersion within means with different rheological properties.

We also have the chance of providing materials both in colloidal suspensions (water or other solvents) and in powder or dehydrated pellets.

Not every single nanomaterial is suitable for a specific application: for this reason Nanesa is committed to customizing materials according to the properties to be conveyed to the individual clients’ products (mass or surface properties) or to promoting their use through particular technologies.

Family G2Nan

One of the most interesting products delevoped and produced by Nanesa is grouped into the family of Nanesa Graphite NANoplatelets (G2Nan).

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Family GoNan

Nanesa Graphene Oxide is a stratified material produced thanks to a particular oxidation process of graphite.

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Properties of graphene-based Nanomaterials

Refer to some important publications to find out which is the potential of the use of graphene-based nanomaterials in various application fields.

Nanesa nanometric products

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