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Nanesa Associates

The company integrates the associates’ industrial, management, technical and scientific competences with those of the corporate bodies connected with them.

Cabro S.p.A., which owns the majority shares, starts its activity in 1987 through the recovery and refining of precious metals (Au, Ag, Pt, Rh, Ru) from waste, liquids, rods, catalysts, chemical baths, solutions and solid residues, using all its know-how and customized machinery.

Thanks to suitable choices, the company was able to penetrate the market rapidly and expand its own activity and today Cabro stands out for the production of chemical compounds based on precious metals for goldsmith’s craft, galvanics, pharmaceutical industry and also for the production of gold-based inks for glass and pottery decoration.

All the Cabro plants are equipped with modern and sophisticated machinery in accordance with the law, respecting the operators’ safety as well as that of the environment. A very close attention is definitely directed to the environment by means of constant investments (aimed at reducing polluting emissions), energetic conservation and the search of new products suitable for the field of alternative energies. The plants are also provided with analytic control labs, which are able to monitor all the production steps and certify the final product, relying on the most innovative equipment such as: Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, High Plasma Emission Spectrometer, X-Ray Spectrometer, UV Spectrometer, Ionic Chromatographer, Potentiometric Titrator.

A qualified department of Research & Development, which has now been enlarged and renewed, is in charge of studying, designing and modifying its own products, so as to be always abreast with the times and follow the market needs. Seven people work in the R&D lab, where they have to carry out the double task of fostering the products already created as well as starting new experimentations, especially on nanocompound materials. The greatest objective of the company is to provide high quality cutting-edge products. This certainly entails the choice of innovative technologies, which will contribute to responding in the best possible way to the needs of a more and more reactive and demanding market.

Jaber Innovation S.r.l. and its associates (Ing. Francesco Bertocchi and Dott. Giuseppe Iannaccone), propose themselves as qualified operators in tasks of Industrial Research and Technological Transfer, acting as a joining link between scientific world, university spin-offs and/or small medium enterprises with high technological content and bigger industrial enterprises, which need to plan product or process innovations and want to invest in projects relying on high-technology.

Jaber Innovation S.r.l. is also focused on assistance and coordination in order to promote Research and Development activities in different sectors (such as advanced materials, nanocomposites and other ones), which are preparatory for patenting and industrialization.

Over the last few years Jaber has started up various relationships with some of the major public Research Bodies, such as CNR, Università Federico II di Napoli, Università di Tor Vergata, ENEA, CRdC Tecnologie, Università di Firenze, in order to enhance the know-how in specific industrial sectors.

Jaber has also acquired a majority interest in the spin-off of CNR, Punto Quantico S.r.l., a company that carries out qualified Research activity in the field of nanomaterials and compound materials, especially nanomaterials based on noble metals and on graphene. The contribution of Jaber to the project is crucial, especially for what concerns the chance of developing innovative products based on nanotechnologies and experimenting several applications of these ones in a wide range of industrial fields, so as to rapidly increase the commercial potential of the company.

Engineer Giacomo Giannini (Responsible for Research and Development) has gained valuable experience on the search for new materials and on plant-engineering technologies for their production. Born in Arezzo in 1977, he graduated with honours in Mechanical Engineering at Università degli Studi di Firenze.

The contribution of Eng. Giannini represents an added value to the company because of both his scientific commitment in the search for innovative products and their attendant processes and his experience in translating new processes into high performing industrial plants.

Doctor Enrico Sandri (Managing Director) was the managing director of Pemco Euroinks S.r.l for about ten years, so he has a deep knowledge of the company and market where Nanesa works.

Furthermore, thanks to past industrial initiatives he has developed significant managerial experience as well as having the necessary technical competences (University degree in Chemistry), which will certainly offer a great contribution to a quick start-up of Nanesa, with the intention of regaining relevant market shares within the reference field.