Nanesa - Nanomaterials, conductive pastes and Hexagonal allotropic compounds


Nanesa is an innovative start-up company that originates with the purpose of producing and marketing silver-based inks and conductive pastes as well as graphene-based nanometric products.


Nanesa produces and markets nanometric materials, conductive pastes and Hexagonal allotropic compounds.


Nanesa has started up collaborations with important Research Bodies in the national territory aimed at developing new technological applications of graphene-based materials and also at having a steady support in terms of characterization of new materials.

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Cabro e Jaber Innovation

The domain of activity ”Graphene and nanometric products” arises from the matching of the chemical and process experience of Cabro S.p.A. ( and the scientific know-how of Jaber Innovation S.r.l. which owns the majority of the spin-off of CNR ”Punto Quantico S.r.l.” (, specialized in the development of nanometric products streamlined for high performances.