Applications | Nanomaterials

Applications for Nanomaterials

Nanesa nanomaterials combine many intrinsic properties of materials with those depending on the shape and dimensions of graphene nanolamellas.

The most interesting characteristics are high thermal and electrical conductivity, barrier properties, reaction to fire improvement, physical and mechanical features which allow their use as additives for the production of different kinds of composite materials.

The characteristics of these composite materials can vary according to the percentage of nanomaterial, dimensions (thickness and superficial extension) and orientation of nanolamellas during the transformation process (extrusion, pressing etc.).

The innovative Nanesa nanomaterials (in the main families of G2Nan and GONan) can have significant potential applications in the following industrial fields:

Electronic field

- Conductive paints for printed circuits (as an alternative to silver-based pastes)

- Conductive glues for electronic components

- Galvanic nano-coatings or sprays to improve heat dispersal

- Claddings for electromagnetic shields (EMI shields)

Automotive and Transport field

- Electromagnetic shields to be applied under hood

- Lubricating oils with high heat exchange characteristics

- Lubricating oils with high anti-usury properties

- Electronic circuits with integrated antennas

- Long-lasting Lead batteries with better performances

- “Start & stop” batteries with higher power

- Composite materials with reduced weight for assembly parts

High performance materials

- Coatings with high impact resistance

- Ultralight composites for structural uses

- Ultralight materials with high rigidity

- Concretes with high abrasion resistance for road pavements

- Membranes for purification and filtration

- Films and composites with high gas barrier properties