Applications for Conductive Pastes

Nanesa has a deep know-how and strong experience linked to the development, production and use of special powders based on precious metals, such as silver, palladium, platinum, for a wide range of uses.

Below you can find a summary of the standard products and their attendant applications displayed in Nanesa catalogue.

 Application Products
 Glass for automotive sector Silver Pastes
 Flat glass Silver Pastes
 Photovoltaic Silver Pastes/Aluminium-based Products
 Electronics (flexible circuits) Silver-based Polymeric Pastes
 Diamond tools Silver Powder
 Electronic sintered contacts Silver Powder
 Electronics (hybrid microcircuits) Powders and Pastes based on precious metals
 Food (sugared almonds) Silver Flakes

Nanesa is strongly oriented to the development of new products in synergy with the client and his/her technological needs. If your company has any specific request or needs an adjustment of the standard formulations, you can contact our Customer Service directly.