Nanesa - Nanomaterials, conductive pastes and Hexagonal allotropic compounds

Nanesa Applications

Conductive Pastes

The past experience of Nanesa staff, the acquired know-how both in the production and in the management department, the production technologies employed and the elevated standards of quality control allow Nanesa to offer a wide variety of conductive products at a very high level for numerous industrial applications and application technologies.

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Graphene-based Nanomaterials

The physical and mechanical peculiarities of the nanometric products created by Nanesa and their two-dimensional characteristics make them potentially suitable for applications in several industrial fields and in a great variety of products with high added value.

So Nanesa, together with partners of high international and national standard, has been working to explore the application of these products both in bulk and surface nanocoating, thus achieving excellent physical properties.

Simultaneously Nanesa has been working with Research Centres of excellence at a national level in order to enhance the products and production technologies, which entails, of course, a full understanding of the properties and potentials in relation to the application technologies.

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Applications for Conductive Pastes

Nanesa has a deep know-how and a strengthened experience linked to the development, production and use of special powders and pastes based on precious metals, such as silver, palladium and platinum for a great variety of applications.

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Applications for Nanomaterials

Nanesa Nanomaterials integrate several intrinsic properties of graphene-based materials with those provided by the shape and dimensions of the graphene Nanolamellas.

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Nanesa Nanomaterials

The new Nanesa Nanomaterials can have significant applications in a variety of sectors.